After Your Fair

Once the selling is finished, it's time to pack up the books and settle the monies in preparation for return to Hicklebee's. Important things to keep track of at this point are whether you have any outstanding special orders that still need to be fulfilled, whether you or your librarian have kept books from the fair to be paid for with the profits that you have earned, and whether there was any special accounting at your event that Hicklebee's needs to be aware of. Once you have tallied your sales, the next step is to safely pack the books for return to our warehouse. Please take the time to review the packing instructions below and share them with your volunteers--it saves you from being charged for damaged books, and it keeps the books in perfect condition to sell at the next fair. And finally, once your fair is packed, returned and the accounting is wrapped up, be sure to get your next event on our calendar right away!