Bonsai Foundations (Paperback)

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Bonsai Foundations explores both the aesthetic and horticultural knowledge which is essential to the successful cultivation and stylistic development of bonsai. The Japanese bonsai aesthetic, which is widely followed but not well described in the west, is analysed and described in terms of goal oriented design principles. Alternative models and approaches to a tree's styling are discussed. Structural flaws are described along with causes and means for resolution. Step by step guides are provided for a variety of development paths and techniques, like pruning, layering and grafting. Detailed explanations are offered on how trees grow, the formulation and testing of successful potting media and demystifying fertilizers. The aesthetic design principles form the basis for suggested objective judging criteria. The book is suitable for all experience levels, bringing objectivity to every day management activities as well as offering new ways to look at aesthetics and styling outside the Japanese environment. Softcover, 10 x 8 in format, 144 pages, with over 250 pictures and illustrations.
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ISBN: 9780646960388
ISBN-10: 0646960385
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: October 5th, 2016
Pages: 144
Language: English