The Spiritual Nervous System: Nervous System Regulation for Manifestation & Wealth Creation (Hardcover)

The Spiritual Nervous System: Nervous System Regulation for Manifestation & Wealth Creation By Eva Hattin Cover Image
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Hi there lovely. It appears that you have been divinely guided here. Welcome.

  • Does it feel like your manifesting abilities appear to be very hit-and-miss?

  • Have you been cultivating an amazing overflowing, positive mindset and yet you seem to be attracting low vibrational things or haemorrhaging money left, right, and centre?

  • Have you tried all the strategies, tips and tricks out there, yet you don't seem to be gaining any traction?

Well, my love, you have made it to the right place. We are about to change all of that

Here's what most people don't understand...

The amount of abundance, debt, and income we have is a direct result of our 'Vibration' which ultimately comes down to what state our Nervous System is in.

Like building a house, you need a strong and reliable foundation to build upon. The same goes for Manifesting. The majority of Manifestation and Law of Attraction information out there focuses solely on mindset work or "Level One and Up" topics. They hardly ever touch on the "Foundational or Ground Level" work - Nervous System Regulation.

Just thinking and working on your mindset isn't enough. Every cell in your body needs to be holistically aligned with your desires... that goes for your Nervous System too. Having a Dysregulated Nervous System can be the biggest blockage to accessing abundance and the life you have always wanted..... No matter if you do all the steps, knock out all your limiting beliefs, and follow all the expert's strategies, if your foundation isn't healthy and aligned, everything else won't hold up.

How are we meant to be Manifesting High -Vibrational things when our Nervous System is stuck in a Dysregulated Low-Vibrational Stressed State?

Based on the knowledge, resources, and strategies found in this book, you will be able to understand and work towards holistically aligning your Nervous System with your wants and desires. Let's get started, shall we?

P.S. Your success is inevitable.

- Eva xx

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ISBN: 9780648683353
ISBN-10: 0648683354
Publisher: Reading Bug Press
Publication Date: March 20th, 2023
Pages: 198
Language: English