I Ching: Riding the Changes (Hardcover)

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Riding the changes means to take the best course between the rough waves of life. Changes are the natural waves that traverse time. The I Ching can help us to understand better the relation between external reality and our will; such insight will allow us to chart the best possible course of action and will enhance the quality of our lives. This I Ching translation is concise and oriented towards divinatory usage. To help readers understand better the true meaning of the text, notes with historical and cultural information have been added, as well as cross-references between hexagrams. Line by line interpretations are both general and oriented toward different aspects of life like Career, Private life and Health, Feelings and Social life.
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ISBN: 9780991670925
ISBN-10: 0991670922
Publisher: Bersoft Software & Technology
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2013
Pages: 378
Language: English