Believe It to Receive It (Paperback)

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Some people would have you believe that you need to earn miracles, or that miracles are only for special people. Bernadette Rodebaugh believes MIRACLES ARE FOR EVERYBODY Bernadette spent nearly two decades learning how to "CALL IN MIRACLES" for every area of her life as she fought to overcome devastation and challenges-mentally, physically, and spiritually. These challenges inspired her to create this book to help guide others to their miracles much sooner. In Believe It to Receive It, you'll discover your unique ability to become a "MIRACLE MAGNET." Using everyday TOOLS that will help you transform your life from the inside and out, this book is a fast-track in creating the ideal life you've always wanted. You will learn how to ACTIVATE your "NEXT BEST STEP" toward the solution to your problem, or the answer to your prayers. This book acts as a guide to help reconnect you to your inner guidance where all your answers are waiting for you, and are revealed to you one step at a time. Bernadette does not pretend to have all the answers for you or your situation because she believes YOU have the answers, but you may need a little guidance to help better receive those answers. This is why Bernadette teaches practical TOOLS that have nothing to do with religion or her personal beliefs. However, you can use them in conjunction with your own belief system if you wish. Once you pick up this book, you'll realize there are no limits to your life unless YOU BELIEVE IN THE LIMITS, which CREATE them
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ISBN: 9781087894737
ISBN-10: 1087894735
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: August 20th, 2020
Pages: 176
Language: English