What's Your F*cking Sign?: Sweary Astrology for You and Me (Hardcover)

What's Your F*cking Sign?: Sweary Astrology for You and Me Cover Image
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Your astrological makeup is no f*cking joke.

Amelia Wood's What's Your F*cking Sign? is your opportunity to better relate to your managers, coworkers, love interests, friends, and family and know why they do all the sh*t they do. If you have ever wondered why your Aries boss is such a hard-ass, been convinced that a Virgo in your life sleeps with a label maker under their pillow, or tried to get your Capricorn friend to lighten the f*ck up, just look to the stars.

Full of sun-sign-specific details about all twelve members of the zodiac, you can discover all the right ways to attract, befriend, love, and otherwise handle the people in your life based on their cosmic DNA. When your Pisces friend is emoting, show them a little love! When that Aquarius in your social feed is on their soapbox, have a listen! And when your Leo lover wants the spotlight, know they'll give you plenty of warmth from that glow, too. Embrace all the incredible ways astrology is there to guide you through your batsh*t interactions, curious crossroads, and sweetest moments with each and every sign. So, What's Your F*cking Sign?

About the Author

AMELIA WOOD is a Gemini who gets sh*t done. When she's not staring into your soul after you've told her your sign, she can be found multitasking the sh*t out of writing projects and charming the pants off all of her friends and accomplices.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781250272287
ISBN-10: 1250272289
Publisher: Castle Point Books
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 176
Language: English