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The Princess Diaries meets Crazy Rich Asians in Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After, the irresistible story of an ordinary Japanese-American girl who discovers that her father is the Crown Prince of Japan!

Izumi Tanaka has never really felt like she fit in—it isn’t easy being Japanese American in her small, mostly white, northern California town. Raised by a single mother, it’s always been Izumi—or Izzy, because “It’s easier this way”—and her mom against the world. But then Izumi discovers a clue to her previously unknown father’s identity…and he’s none other than the Crown Prince of Japan. Which means outspoken, irreverent Izzy is literally a princess.

In a whirlwind, Izumi travels to Japan to meet the father she never knew and discover the country she always dreamed of. But being a princess isn’t all ball gowns and tiaras. There are conniving cousins, a hungry press, a scowling but handsome bodyguard who just might be her soulmate, and thousands of years of tradition and customs to learn practically overnight.

Izumi soon finds herself caught between worlds, and between versions of herself—back home, she was never “American” enough, and in Japan, she must prove she’s “Japanese” enough. Will Izumi crumble under the weight of the crown, or will she live out her fairy tale, happily ever after?

About the Author

When Emiko Jean isn’t writing, she is reading. Before she became a writer, she was an entomologist, a candlemaker, a florist, and most recently, a teacher. She lives in Washington with her husband and children (unruly twins). She is also the author of Empress of all Seasons and We'll Never Be Apart.

Praise For…

“A fresh, funny, emotive, inspiring and empowering #OwnVoices triumph.” —Shelf Awareness

“This book might not be out until the first half of 2021, but it's so good we had to include it [on a list of books to read if you binge-watched The Crown.]” —

“Move over, Mia Thermopolis! Princess Izumi will completely capture your heart while making you laugh nonstop. With an unforgettable voice and a heart-fluttering romance, Tokyo Ever After is an instant favorite.” —Gloria Chao, author of American Panda

“Despite the swoon-worthy love interest and glittering palaces, Tokyo Ever After is not your typical princess story. Izumi is a spunky, irreverent, lovable narrator who struggles to reconcile her American upbringing with her Japanese heritage. A fresh and distinctly modern fairy tale.” —Katharine McGee, New York Times bestselling author of Majesty

“Emiko’s flair for sumptuous detail—Food! Castles! Swoony confessions! Court drama! Cherry blossoms by the million!—locked me helplessly into a world of splendor I never wanted to leave.” —David Yoon, New York Times bestselling author of Super Fake Love Song

“Effortlessly funny, romantic, and relatable, Tokyo Ever After is my new favorite feminist fairy tale! Readers will cheer for Izumi as she discovers she’s Japanese royalty, falls into a forbidden romance, and deals with existential how to find her place in the world when she’s caught between two cultures and if she should eat another dorayaki. (Answer: always eat another dorayaki.) This book is a balm for anyone who has felt like they don’t belong. Clear a spot on your bookshelf now because this isn’t one you want to miss!” —Kinsey Foreman, Bookseller, High Five Books, Florence, MA

Tokyo Ever After is a swoony, feminist contemporary royals story that has all the froth of American Royals, the heart of The Princess Diaries, and the spark of Crazy Rich Asians. Snack enthusiast and proud romance novel reading Izumi is a girl after my own heart! From the very first page, her bright and sparkling voice bursts off the page with an effervescent warmth that is impossible to set down. I absolutely love this captivating story of belonging and finding your voice, even when the stakes are royal-family level high. This is a perfect novel.” —Cristina Russell, Children’s Book Buyer, Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL

“Emiko Jean's Tokyo Ever After leaps off the page and into your heart, a modern classic that is a perfect fit for every bookshelf. Diving into family, culture, and the pressure of both, especially in a public setting, Jean’s newest explores incredible character depths while also compelling you to not set it down for a second. Izumi is a heroine I would follow into a 20-book-long series, but for now I’ll settle for rereading it over and over and over again.” —Rachel Strolle, Teen Librarian, Glenside Public Library District, Glenside Heights, IL

“A charming gift of a book that will leave you smiling from ear to ear long after turning the last page, Tokyo Ever After is The Princess Diaries for a new generation. Pack your bags with Izumi and take a journey filled with self-discovery, plenty of swoons, and lots of heart. It’s an unforgettable one.” —Kalie Barnes-Young, Children’s and YA Bookseller, Barnes & Noble at the Grove, Los Angeles, CA

“With an unforgettable band of besties and a swoon-worthy love-interest at her back, Izumi’s transformation from average teen to poised princess was an utter delight. You can’t help but root for her as she battles the paparazzi, conniving relatives, and her own insecurities, all while discovering what it means to bridge two cultures in the royal spotlight.” —Stephanie Beaver, Library Specialist, Hoover Public Library, Hoover, AL

“Once in a while I get to read a perfect book: fun, funny, heartfelt. Tokyo Ever After is such a book. I found myself cheering for Izzy from page one. AND THE GIRL GANG—the best. I loved every page.” —Mike Lasagna, Bookseller, Barnes & Noble, Mohegan Lake, NY

“Part Princess Diaries and part Crazy Rich Asians, Tokyo Ever After is a technicolored blend of family dynamics, romance, and culture! Izumi’s story is a totally heartfelt and immensely fun comedy of manners about finding your people and your place in the world. Emiko Jean’s Tokyo is a character all on its own—its vibrant atmosphere imbuing every page as Izumi’s (mis)adventure unfolds. Readers will fall in love with this fresh, dynamic coming-of-age tale!” —Laura Graveline, Children’s Specialist, Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX

“I. Loved. This. Book. It’s a love letter to Japan, but it’s more than that: It’s a love letter to best friends, forever supportive best friends, and group chats. It’s a love letter to moms and being fiercely feminist. It’s a love letter to hometowns and pop culture and late nights. It’s a love letter to finding yourself when you never feel like you really fit in. It’s a love letter to being a teen...who happens to find out she’s a princess. I just *sigh* I cannot wait to re-read this book.” —Ashley Duncan, Teen Librarian, Maricopa County Library, Phoenix, AZ

Crazy Rich Asians meets The Princess Diaries in this delightful and charming take on the hidden royalty trope. When Japanese American Izumi finds out that her estranged father is the Crown Prince of Japan, she’s swept up in a world of paparazzi photos, cranky-hot bodyguards, and seemingly relentless tradition. Izzy isn’t one to take things sitting down, though, and her quest to bond with her father and her culture is engrossing and totally heartfelt. Tokyo Ever After gave me the warm fuzzy feeling that I got seeing What a Girl Wants in theaters as a kid and I think it’s a coming-of-age story that should be embraced by everyone.” —Sami Thomason, Events Coordinator, Square Books, Oxford, MS

“Dear Diary, I just read the BEST book! It’s called Tokyo Ever After, and it’s basically heart bottled into a book, but it deals with some serious stuff, too. Fans of The Princess Diaries will LOVE this (of course!), and they will simply adore the Japanese Chris Pine-esque love interest!” —Isabella Ogbolumani, Events Coordinator, Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca, NY

“Whip-smart, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and filled with utmost heart, Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After is a book you’ll never forget. Springlike and hopeful, this book brings me absolutely nothing but joy. A perfect hug, a warm chocolate chip cookie, the smell of cherry blossoms blooming—this book will make you feel all of this and more—I wish I could read it again for the first time.” —Cody Roecker, Bookseller, The Novel Neighbor, Webster Grove, MO

“Smart and laugh out loud funny, Izumi, a fully-realized character who leaps off the page, is sure to win the hearts of readers everywhere. Thrust into a foreign country, language, and world, she has to balance her desire to be a normal teenager with a forbidden romance and her longing for family and roots. Readers will be able to relate to Izumi’s sharp wit and her desire to fit in in both America and Japan. I loved seeing the inside look of being royal, the hierarchy of the Japanese royal family, forbidden romance, and the growth of Izumi’s character...she just has to be herself and be honest with everyone around her. I rarely say this, but THIS BOOK IS PERFECT. I cannot wait to recommend this book to readers everywhere.” —Rachel Simon, Librarian, Newton Free Library, Newton, MA

Product Details
ISBN: 9781250766601
ISBN-10: 1250766605
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 336