Y: The Last Man Book Four (Paperback)

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In 2002, the world changes forever. Every man, every boy, every mammal with a Y chromosome everywhere on Earth suddenly collapses and dies. With the loss of nearly half the planet’s population, the gears of society grind to a halt, and a world of women are left to pick up the pieces and try to keep civilization from collapsing entirely.
The “gendercide,” however, is not absolutely complete. For some unknown reason, one young man named Yorick Brown and his pet male monkey, Ampersand, are spared. Overnight, this anonymous twentysomething becomes the most important person on the planet—the key, it is hoped, to unlocking the secret of the mysterious sex-specific plague.
For Yorick himself, the most important person on the planet has been agonizingly out of reach. But now, after three long years and 10,000 arduous miles, the last man is closing in on the truth about his lost fiancée—and the shocking facts behind his own survival.
Collects issues #37-48.

About the Author

Brian K. Vaughan is the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning co-creator of many critically acclaimed comic books, including Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex MachinaRunaways and Pride of Baghdad. A professional comics writer since his days as an undergraduate film student at New York University, Brian has written every major DC and Marvel character from Batman to the X-Men. He's also written several screenplays, stage plays and short stories, but mostly, he likes to work on the funny books. He also served as writer and story editor on the hit TV series Lost.

Praise For…

“The best graphic novel I’ve ever read.” 

“Y has more mind-bending plot twists and girls-with-guns than a season of Lost... It’s also just as addictive.”
— GQ
“The greatest comic-book saga since Neil Gaiman's THE Sandman.”—Entertainment Weekly 
“A smart, consistently entertaining work of popular art.”—Time 
“One of the best examples of its art form--the monthly comic book…. Fascinating.”—Chicago Tribune
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ISBN: 9781401261689
ISBN-10: 140126168X
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication Date: February 16th, 2016
Pages: 296
Language: English