Introduction to Climbers - Climbers in your garden (Paperback)

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Table of Contents Introduction to Climbers Climbers in your garden Introduction Pergolas Bower Walks Planting Creepers against a Wall Popular Climbing Varieties Clematis Clematis Pruning Ivy Wisteria Jasmine Ampelopsis Virginia Creeper Dutchman's Pipe -Aristolochia Climbing Honeysuckles - the Lonicera Family Roses Vitis - the Vine Family Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Just imagine a garden full of walls, fences, pergolas, screens and similar places without any beautiful plant covering them. We need to be indebted to all those gardeners of ancient times who recognized the value of climbers to add to the beauty of the garden while covering possibly unsightly structures. The only problem is that as time went by, people stopped using their creativity in the matter of climbers and began to restrict the plants to just a small number in a stereotyped garden design. They forgot all about the amazing range of climbing plants, which were ready to be planted in your garden. This book is going to tell you all about a number of plants, which are definitely going to suit your own particular gardening purpose. They are also going to add something new, both in beauty and interest to your garden. Climbers can be considered to be plants which like lots of moisture and nutrition. You can call them hungry. That is why the soil to which they grow should be enriched very well before you begin the planting. They also like soil, which has been well-drained. Climbers are definitely not going to flourish in waterlogged areas. This drainage can be obtained right at the very beginning, through proper digging and preparation of the soil. The breaking up of the lower soil is essential. If it is done well, it is going to save you a good deal of disappointment afterwards. Remember to work in plenty of organic manure, leaf compost, and other natural nutritive material to enrich the soil and keep it healthy.
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