Hydroponic Gardening: The Beginners Guide on How to design and build an inexpensive structure for growing plants in water (Paperback)

Hydroponic Gardening: The Beginners Guide on How to design and build an inexpensive structure for growing plants in water Cover Image
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Do you love gardening and would like to grow your fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but don't have a garden or enough space to plant? Need not worry. A hydroponic growing system gives the ability to grow healthy plants faster anywhere.

No soil or sunlight? No problem, hydroponics got you covered. Is water scarce? Hydroponic systems are enclosed, and evaporation is not allowed, making water loss from the system impossible.

Are you exhausted about the time and money spent on buying genetically modified and chemically treated products from the store? Would you like to learn how to set up your own aquaponic garden where healthy produce can be cultivated?

Even if you have been involved in soil gardening before, and would like to explore a different and faster gardening technique; the instructions in this accessible guide will help you become an expert in growing plants hydroponically, and also effectively managing your plants; and you don't have to be a commercial farmer to make this work for you Simply add essential nutrients into a water-based solution, and circulate it through a network of pipes and vessels to the plant roots. It's that simple

Kim McCarthy gives us the blueprint with proven strategies and DIY steps on how to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs successfully, how to create efficient hydroponic systems, and maintenance techniques for vibrant-looking and healthy plants.

Also included are:

  • The beginners' guide to hydroponics
  • Good starter plants that can be grown using hydroponics
  • Maintenance and growing instructions to put pests under control and prevent plant diseases.
  • Simple DIY hydroponic systems (with equipment guide) that can be made in your home
  • Selecting the best Ventilation and Light source for your plant (natural and artificial lighting techniques)
  • How to choose the best nutrient solution for your hydroponic system and plant
  • Major systems and the plants they best suit.
  • Making nutrient solutions at home, with recipes
  • How to assemble and build a homemade hydroponic system,

These are all presented with clear explanations to aid understanding.

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ISBN: 9781637501511
ISBN-10: 163750151X
Publisher: Charis Press
Publication Date: February 11th, 2021
Pages: 118
Language: English