I Am Here: Postcards from My Daughter in Spirit (Paperback)

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I Am Here is a book about the endurance of love and communication even after death. It is a story of loss, overwhelming grief, and finally healing, through small messages - or what I call postcards - from the other side.

My daughter Suzanne and I were extremely close. We always had shared an interest in and an open heart to mysteries that we could not explain. With a belief in the afterlife, we made a pact to remain close to each other even after death. I thought I would make that journey first. I was wrong. Her loss at 39 was crushing.

I explain how Suzanne kept our pact and remains with me from the other side. She has shown her presence in many ways, including showing both my husband and I unexplainable phenomena and giving us a talisman in the form of a found penny. Her small postcards have helped us heal and have given us so much joy. If your heart is open to finding your own postcards, you can heal and find happiness too.

I discuss using mediums, dreams, and sitting with automatic writing. I use these things to communicate and encourage you to try the same if you wish to receive a message from a loved one on the other plane.

Grief is an awful thing. It robs you of life and joy. My last chapter deals with the darkness of grief and gives some suggestions about how to deal with that painful grey place to find peace, light, and to fully live your life again.

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ISBN: 9781642280630
ISBN-10: 1642280631
Publisher: Izzard Ink
Publication Date: April 27th, 2021
Pages: 164
Language: English