Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships (Paperback)

Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships By Deborah Vinall, PsyD, LMFT Cover Image
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An evidence-based guide to recovering from gaslighting

Gaslighting is a targeted form of manipulation, deception, and control that makes you doubt your own perceptions and memories. Whether you’ve experienced gaslighting or emotional abuse from someone in your life—or you think you might have—Gaslighting gives you the tools to recognize it and the steps to begin healing.
  • The truth about gaslighting—Find clear definitions of exactly what gaslighting is, how gaslighters operate, and safe ways to manage and avoid them.
  • Proven techniques—Use strategies from methods like mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy to set boundaries, reclaim your sense of self, and build healthier relationships.
  • Realistic examples—Read anecdotes about people who’ve experienced different types of gaslighting to help you see what it looks like and understand that it isn’t your fault.
  • Written exercises—Find insightful questions and thoughtful prompts to help you identify examples of emotional abuse within your life and process your feelings.

Reclaim your independence after gaslighting with this guide to understanding how it works and taking steps toward breaking free.

About the Author

DEBORAH VINALL, PSYD, LMFT, is certified in EMDR and Brainspotting therapy and trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She incorporates these approaches into her work with survivors of trauma and difficult relationships in her private practice, Tamar Counseling Services.

Praise For…

“Gaslighting is a widespread and misunderstood phenomenon that controls and traumatizes a large percentage of our population. Gaslighting is a must-read as it identifies and uncovers this form of perpetration not only from those recovering from this abuse but for therapists and other helpers working to help people to recover. Kudos to Deborah Vinall for her most valuable, groundbreaking work with gaslighting.” —David Grand, PhD, Developer of Brainspotting and author of Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change
“This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with setting healthy boundaries or who is in an unhealthy relationship. Dr. Vinall did a great job demonstrating her expertise on the subject matter; she provides extremely useful and practical worksheets within the book that will empower you toward positive change. As a mental health therapist, I will definitely be using this book with all of my clients.” —Nicole Arkadie, EdD, LCSW, founder of Arkadie Counseling & Wellness Center and author of Caged No More: You Have The Keys to Unlock Your Joy & Happiness

“With the insight of a seasoned therapist and the presence of an experienced yogi, Dr. Vinall provides both foundational information about gaslighting and clear exercises for those who wish to engage in a self-paced exploration of their own gaslighting experiences.” —Debra Mashek, PhD, coauthor of Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy and The Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Relationships, and Marriage

Gaslighting provides a unique approach to identifying, working through, and healing from any type of relationship that has caused emotional damage. You won’t regret your purchase.” —Dr. Jessica Guerrero, DSW, LCSW, founder of Brazos Abiertos

“Deborah Vinall's Gaslighting recovery guide is AMAZING! It is clear, easy to follow, and beautiful. It provides clearly described signals that can help demoralized people see through what's happening and offers concrete steps forward into freedom. She cuts through the crazy-making irrationality of gaslighting with a gift of understanding and empathy.” —Bradley Jersak, PhD, author of Can You Hear Me and Her Gates Will Never Be Shut
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ISBN: 9781648766497
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Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021
Pages: 168
Language: English