Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen: A Guide to Supporting, Empowering, and Connecting with Your Child (Paperback)

Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen: A Guide to Supporting, Empowering, and Connecting with Your Child By Allan Sadac, MBA, LMFT Cover Image
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Raise your LGBTQ+ teen with compassion and confidence

Parenting teens can be a nerve-wracking experience, and raising an LGBTQ+ teen can present even more questions. This book is filled with guidance, exercises, and inspiration to help you create a nurturing and affirming environment for your teen. You'll discover how to tackle common parenting issues, learn about the LGBTQ+ experience, and gain the confidence and tools to support and empower your teen.
  • Understand your teen—Learn why parenting teens can be so tricky, what important LGBTQ+ terms mean, answers to common questions, and what may be in store for your LGBTQ+ teen.
  • Encourage dialogue—Get tips for sparking important conversations around key topics like mental health, bullying, sex and relationships, gender identity and expression, and more.
  • Explore relatable stories—Discover anecdotes about parents and teens across the LGBTQ+ spectrum so you can gain new perspectives on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Understand and connect with your LGBTQ+ teen—and help them truly thrive—with this guide for parents.

About the Author

ALLAN SADAC, LMFT, MBA, is an LGBTQ+ Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Los Alamitos, California. He has helped children, teens, and families identify areas of personal growth and find confidence in creating their own solutions to their unique life challenges.

Praise For…

"A compact, informative, and current guidebook for parents and their LGTBQ+ teens. Material is easily digestible and highly relevant to parents and teenagers alike. The author makes highly effective use of illustrative case scenarios and practical exercises that can also serve as invaluable conversation starters with one's spouse, LGTBQ+ teen, siblings, and extended family. I will be referring all parents of LGTBQ+ teens to this book. Thank you for providing this valuable resource." —Christine Gould, MD, pediatrician

"Allan breaks down the two broadly complex and intimidating topics of parenting and LGBTQ+ identity development in remarkably approachable ways. The illustrative anecdotes and helpful exercises encourage self-reflection and skill-building. Allan exudes compassion, warmth, and generosity while sharing his insights as an experienced therapist and member of the LGBTQ+ community. I'm keeping this book close-at-hand for quick reference!" —Kiu "Kathy" Ho, PhD, LCSW, clinical supervising social worker

"As an educator, I am often asked for resources by parents and guardians to support their children, but I have struggled to find material for parents of LGBTQ+ teens. This book fills a void for both parents and educators. Through real stories and expert advice, Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen provides ways for parents to connect with their teen and grow in their personal journey." —Shana Matamala, EdD, professor of education

"This book is a must-read for any parent with an LGBTQ+ adolescent. Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen outlines key strategies, exercises, and tips to develop understanding and connection with ANY teen, while recognizing the unique worries and challenges facing LGBTQ+ teens and their parents. Allan Sadac brings deep insight and empathy to this important work. Highly recommend!" —Jennifer Griffin, PhD, MPH

"Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen is such a timely book written in an accessible, validating, and inspiring way. Sadac offers helpful guidance for parents of LGBTQ+ youth and is full of practical tips. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on how parents can initiate difficult conversations. I will definitely be referring this book to parents of LGBT+ teens in my psychotherapy practice!" —David Nylund, LCSW, PhD, professor of social work and clinical director of Gender Health Center

"Parenting Your LGBTQ+ Teen is the perfect mix of hope, encouragement, and applicability. Sadac is knowledgeable and experienced while truly communicating in a way that is easy for any parent to digest (and this is not an easy topic)! As a parent of three, I began applying some of the concepts and tips immediately. This is going to be a go-to book that I'll be recommending to other parents, clients, and colleagues!" —Jocelyn Pijpaert, MA, LMFT
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