Broken But Restored for Gods Purpose: The armed warrior with the sword (Paperback)

Broken But Restored for Gods Purpose: The armed warrior with the sword By Silveri Robinson Cover Image
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The author reflects on the awful memories of her past and shows readers how God's glory and mercy has healed her of her pain, forgiven her for her sins, and restored her to the woman she once was. Manuscript's Strengths - Within the manuscript, the author retells various traumatizing and tragic experiences of her life both in Jamaica and America. The honesty with which the author tells these stories evokes feelings of compassion, anger (toward her abusers) and sadness for the author. When an author is able to pull emotions from readers, readers become more immersed in stories and the author as a person; the author of this text accomplishes this. - Further, the love and devotion the author has for God and her faith is readily apparent in this manuscript, and this becomes wholly inspiring to readers as they progress through the text. Readers see how despite all the awful, brutal experiences the author has, she has been able to forgive, ask for forgiveness, and receive His mercy. Again, this is wonderfully encouraging and inspiring to readers, and any reader who can relate to the author will be uplifted and comforted by her words. - The conclusion section of this manuscript is wonderful. The language and message within this chapter is beautifully and powerfully written. The author reiterates the intended message(s) for the manuscript and pulls from Scripture to show how God is with His children even in the darkest of time. This chapter efficiently and gracefully closes the book with a send-off to readers that acts as a catalyst for action on their part, calling readers to open their hearts to Christ, no matter their history.
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ISBN: 9781662871153
ISBN-10: 1662871155
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
Pages: 62
Language: English