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There are very few among those with a love for the supernatural who don't also have a passion for Edgar Allan Poe. Poe wasn't simply a melancholy author who wrote about premature burials, sinister black cats, and talking ravens; he was much more. If you've ever read a modern mystery or horror novel, you can thank Poe. If you've ever read a book like this one - or any of author Troy Taylor's books of true stories of the unexplained -- the influence of Poe is undeniable. Poe invented the modern mystery story, mostly invented science fiction, and was the first writer to take the horror stories of the Gothic era and set them in modern times, starting a trend that continues today.

With a lifelong interest in Poe, Troy Taylor decided to take his own look at the mysterious and macabre writer, his tragic life, unexplained death, and lingering hauntings. He invites readers along to delve into the strange and bizarre world of Edgar Allan Poe, from his early life to his tragic marriage, his insane grief, his dramatically failed career, his links to an unsolved murder, and the mystery of what happened to the writer during five days before his unexplained death. Even more than a century and a half later, no one knows what happened to Poe before he was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland - or what killed him. Why did he disappear and then show up in an incoherent state, wearing another man's clothes? Where did he go when he vanished and who was the mysterious "Reynolds" that Poe whispered about in his dying breath? And, perhaps strangest of all, does he haunt the mysterious graveyard where his body is buried? And who is the stranger who appears at Poe's grave each year on the anniversary of his birth, leaving roses and cryptic messages behind?

This is a tale of mystery and madness, real-life horror and the supernatural, and it's a book that you don't want to miss

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ISBN: 9781735270654
ISBN-10: 1735270652
Publisher: Whitechapel Productions
Publication Date: April 16th, 2021
Pages: 236
Language: English