Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions (Paperback)

Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions By Budd Hopkins Cover Image
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Originally published in 1981, this pioneering work by Budd Hopkins was the first focused study of an enigma that would come to captivate the world and challenge our understanding of the universe. The influence of Missing Time was such that its title is now deeply embedded into the lexicon of UFO studies-synonymous with that most controversial

and troubling of topics: alien abduction.

At the time of its writing, Hopkins could not have predicted the impact of Missing Time, not only within UFOlogy, but in popular culture worldwide. The facts, stories, and theories presented herein laid the foundation for the first mainstream debates surrounding reports of human encounters with small, grey-skinned entities-non-human beings with hypnotic black eyes who came silently in the night for their own mysterious purposes. These vivid descriptions as documented by Hopkins would trigger buried memories worldwide in people from all walks of life-to the extent that the so-called "Greys" now represent the dominant cultural imagining of an alien lifeform.

Missing Time is a comparative study of individuals distinct from one another in their life circumstances, separated by geography, but connected by their shared experience of a disturbing mystery with profound implications. An essential addition to the library of any serious scholar of the anomalous, and of all who dare to explore the physical, psychological, and spiritual extremities of human experience.

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