Dream Telepathy: The Landmark ESP Experiments (Paperback)

Dream Telepathy: The Landmark ESP Experiments By Montague Ullman, Stanley Krippner, Alan Vaughan Cover Image
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This book is the first to scientifically explore the phenomenon of telepathic dreaming in depth. It recounts how psychiatrist Montague Ullman and psychologist Stanley Krippner conducted experiments to determine whether persons acting as senders can transfer their thoughts to the minds of sleeping receivers, thereby altering their dreams. Their results were astonishing: the researchers were able to verify several instances of telepathic communication between participants. Participants often gave uncannily accurate descriptions of images that the senders attempted to project to them - apparently confirming the reality of extrasensory perception during the dream state.

In fascinating detail, the authors explain the intriguing process and results of their 10-year study, researching and experimenting with the human ability to communicate across the barriers of time, space, and sleep. They also review the history of previous research in this area, describe their own controlled experimental procedures, document their subjects' reactions, provide transcripts of several dream sessions, and critically engage with scientific reviewers. All this is done in straightforward language, making the book accessible to both general readers and serious scholars. Rarely has a scientific work been so readable, engaging, and entertaining.

This new 50th Anniversary Edition features a never-before-published article by Montague Ullman on interpreting dreams in light of theoretical physicist David Bohm's concept of an implicate order; and a new afterword by Stanley Krippner, highlighting recent developments in dream telepathy research.

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ISBN: 9781786772343
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Publisher: Afterworlds Press
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 344
Language: English