The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming (Hardcover)

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We have always dreamt. We have also always sought to interpret the meaning and significance of our dreams, but our understanding of them has always been incomplete. If dreams are not merely random mental snapshots of past and future experiences, what are they? Can we safely read messages into them, for good or ill?

The Complete Book of Dreams & Dreaming offers answers to these questions. It also reveals the calming and inspirational effects of dream interpretation and demonstrates ways of ensuring that the third of our lifetime spent sleeping is productive. You will discover:

- How dreams reveal aspects of mind, body, and spirit.
- How an understanding of the structure, idioms, and metaphors of dreams can clarify their meaning.
- That the laws of science and your personal experience of dreams can be reconciled.
- How to enter the virtual reality of your dreams while awake and communicate with dream characters

Providing an A-Z of dream elements and their meanings, this guide will provide you huge clarity, enabling you to decipher your dreams effectively and revolutionize your waking life.

About the Author

Pamela Ball spent her long career in personal development, helping others to progress in all aspects of their lives. Her many books include the best-selling 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide.
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ISBN: 9781788887960
ISBN-10: 1788887964
Publisher: Arcturus Editions
Publication Date: June 1st, 2019
Pages: 672
Language: English