Companion Planting: The Beginner's Guide to Grow Healthy Plants through an Organic Gardening System. Learn the Secrets of Companion Planti (Hardcover)

Companion Planting: The Beginner's Guide to Grow Healthy Plants through an Organic Gardening System. Learn the Secrets of Companion Planti Cover Image
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Learn the Secrets of Companion Planting and Boost Your Gardening Skills Do you want to learn how to grow healthy plants through an organic gardening system? Would it not be wonderful to have a garden that requires the least amount of care? Do you want to build your sustainable garden and grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs together fast and easy?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this book is for you - so keep reading

There are many ways that can help you get an exceptional garden - especially if you are growing vegetables - while ensuring you get better crops, less pest problems, and require little or no fertilizer. One such way is 'Companion Gardening'.

Companion planting is definitely not a new concept or technology. Native Americans knew about this method and applied it to their crops thousands of years ago. This type of planting is based on the knowledge that certain plants will profit from having certain other plants planted in their proximity. The scientific and traditional practices converge on this idea and both fields accept that this is true and practical. In fact, companion planting will ensure not only that the crops are optimal but also that the soil benefits as well. In this manner, you can enjoy healthy crops for long periods of time with the least amount of input.

By the simplest definition, companion planting is a method of planting a combination of two plants for a particular beneficial purpose. Say, for example, if you are growing crops that are regularly attacked by certain types of pests, companion planting would help you to repel or trap the pests and, hence, get rid of them naturally and effortlessly. In other cases, companion planting will facilitate the provision of food and/ or refuge that will attract and guard beneficial insects.

Successful companion planting involves expanding the variety of plants in your garden using those with particularly useful characteristics with one another.

This book will explain to you all about this particular method and how you can use it to ensure you get the most out of your vegetable garden with the least amount of effort.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Start Companion Planting
  • The Benefits of Companion Planting
  • Which are the Best Plants to Grow Together, and How to Choose Them
  • What Pests are Harmful and How to Repel Them
  • What Insects are Beneficial for Your Plants and How to Attract Them
  • Garden Maintenance

...And much more

Even if you are an absolute beginner, this book will open a window for you to learn about this technique and will help identify and apply the right steps in your own garden for the best results.

Then What Are You Waiting For?

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ISBN: 9781914284434
ISBN-10: 1914284437
Publisher: Smart Creative Publishing
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 88
Language: English