Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale (Paperback)

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Wolf was running north. He ran fast and passed the trees leaving a trail of wind behind him. As he ran, he was listening intently for signals. There was no danger. He was running toward his human. I felt WOLF inside me. My legs twitched while I slept. I was running. WOLF and I were one and the same.

Life is a journey From the moment a soul travels to a body, lessons are taught and learned. How we handle these lessons determines the type of life we live.

In Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale, Daniela Amato tells a story from the perspective of a dog named Little Bear. Little Bear searches for joy and purpose in his daily activities. Through his journeys, his character grows in perseverance, kindness, humor, and the power of love. Little Bear's bond with his human is special and continues even after he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Enjoy the journey and discover how one dog changed the lives of many, while teaching the primal language of Animal-Speak to one very blessed human. Finding joy and purpose has never been so entertaining, raw, and truthful.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947360723
ISBN-10: 1947360728
Publisher: Illumify Media Global
Publication Date: November 11th, 2020
Pages: 230
Language: English