Name Reality (Hardcover)

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This analysis system was originally used in ancient times by affluent families to name their children for a prosperous happy and healthy life. It has been documented many times over the last several thousand years and was for the most, kept a secret. When you see for yourself how accurate this system is, you will understand why it has been kept under wraps. From birth, your names shape and define your character, your personality, both your mental and physical health. More amazing, the letters from each of your names influence events at predetermined years throughout your life. Incredible, maybe, but true Name Reality shows you how, why and what you can do. The cover of my book describes the remarkable information at your fingertips. The introduction tells you the history and how you can use this system to your advantage. The chapters that follow show you how to crack the code to analyze yourself or another person and understand why people behave the way they do. Self-awareness gives you the opportunity to take better control of your life. It goes further and shows you how to modify a name or create a new vibrant positive name for you or your baby. Yes, incredible as it may seem, changing your name can change the way you live your life. This book gives you the opportunity to discover for yourself that this is real, a genuine reality, that names affect the lives of everybody on this planet. Name Reality shows why some of us appear to lead happy stress free lives and others do not. Name Reality shows why some years you try so hard but cannot get ahead. Parents unknowingly name their kids with a life of bliss, fame and fortune or sickness, doom and gloom. This book is a must read for anybody whose job is connected to human behaviour or if your life is on the rocks. When conventional methods have failed to diagnose or cure a problem, this book provides the missing link. This incredible system can be your turning point if you want to understand yourself better, if you need to improve specific areas of your life, or if you want to create a new, vibrant, healthy, successful, happy name for yourself or for your baby. Start reading Name Reality now.

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ISBN: 9781948046008
ISBN-10: 1948046008
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2013
Pages: 228
Language: English