The Hays House: Ghosts Are People Too! (Paperback)

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The book, "The Hays House, Ghosts are People Too ", looks at the life and times of two small town families, all surrounding one Victorian house, built in 1908, by J. F. Buck. I want the reader to embrace and have a deep appreciation for the history, to the point of wanting to actively act out to preserve the history, the Victorian structures, and the antiques that may have been housed in this Victorian home. Once these historical structures and antique items are lost to time, we cannot bring them back. I hope to assist the readers to learn more about the architecture of Victorian buildings. To understand and have knowledge of Victorian homes and Inns, that will spark their interest to love, save, and maintain these historical places. The Hays House has had residences who have spent 20 or more years of their lives at this house. These individuals have devoted their lives towards an unbreakable bond with the Victorian Home that they loved and cared for. This unbreakable bond between the long-termed residents and their Victorian Home will continue long after the residents have passed away. This bond continues in the form of the guardian angel who will protect the physical property and the present owner of the Victorian Home. I have used Scientific methods to complete Paranormal Research at the Hays House, as an attempt to capture the hearts and minds of a broader group of individuals who may not consider historical structures to be of interest to them right now. I will be using paranormal investigations to learn more about the history of the guardian angles, the history of Victorian homes, and the history of the families who have lived there in the past. I treat all Ghosts and Spirits with respect. The way I would like to be treated. If a spirit cares enough to use their energy to choose words from my Ovilus IV, I want to know enough, to know who this spirit maybe? If you knew who the past residents of the Victorian structure were as you are conducting a Paranormal.
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ISBN: 9781977201058
ISBN-10: 1977201059
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: July 29th, 2018
Pages: 444
Language: English