Hydrogen Peroxide Handbook: Proven Secrets to Optimum Health, Quick Healing, Illness Prevention and Natural Beauty (Paperback)

Hydrogen Peroxide Handbook: Proven Secrets to Optimum Health, Quick Healing, Illness Prevention and Natural Beauty By Jessica Jacobs Cover Image
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As you know, Hydrogen Peroxide has a number of uses.

Everything from health, personal care, cleaning and even food preparation. My experience has shown me that people shy away from using Hydrogen Peroxide because they're just not sure if it's truly effective. They hesitate because the information out there can be confusing at times.

What if you were able to apply Hydrogen Peroxide in a safe and effective way?

What if the information was laid out for you in easy to follow method?

That is the purpose of this book: To teach you everything you need to know to get started on your Hydrogen Peroxide journey.

What's so special about Hydrogen Peroxide anyway?

Hydrogen peroxide is a completely natural substance and the only germicidal agent (fancy word for killing germs) composed of water and oxygen. It kills disease organisms by oxidation In fact, hydrogen peroxide is considered the worlds safest all natural effective sanitizer. However, please don't let all these medical terms bog you down.

This book breaks everything down for you in an easy to understand and easy to use way Many big companies haven't figured out how to market Hydrogen Peroxide. The fact is, Hydrogen Peroxide has the ability to jumpstart your health, speed up the healing process, help prevent illness, save money and so much more.

A Preview of What You'll Find Inside the "Hydrogen Peroxide Handbook"

  • What Hydrogen Peroxide is and How to Apply It
  • The Amazing Health Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Beauty Applications: From Head to Toe
  • Effectively Using Hydrogen Peroxide Around the Home, Kitchen and Garden
  • What Not to Do: Precautions and Safe Practices
  • Key Takeaways from this Book Summed Up So It's Easy for You to Take Action
  • List of Resources for Further Reference

And much, much more

Want to Find Out More? What are you waiting for? See you on the inside.
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ISBN: 9781990625077
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Publisher: Marlowe Publishing
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English