Nazi Terrorist: Completely Updated and Extended 2022 edition (Paperback)

Nazi Terrorist: Completely Updated and Extended 2022 edition By Robbie Mullen, Matthew Collins Cover Image
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Completely updated and extended new edition of 2019's Nazi Terrorist.

In 2016 the British government banned a far right group in Britain, for the first time since the Second World War. The group, National Action, had celebrated and lauded the murder of Labour M Jo Cox. Cox was murdered by an aged neo-Nazi named Thomas 'Tommy' Mair.

Mair became a hero and inspiration to a new generation of neo - Nazis.

This is the true and shocking story of how British neo-Nazis prepared for a race war - plans which went as far as to plot the murder of another British MP. Enter the fray former neo-Nazi Matthew Collins, (author of 'Hate' & 'The Walk In') and Robbie Mullen.

Collins recruited Mullen in 2017 from the bowels of the now illegal terror group National Action. This book forensically examines both the roots of National Action, their motivations and their downfall - which the two were wholly responsible for.

Now with added details, facts and outcomes, Collins has given new depth and understanding to an already outstanding examination of the British wing of the international neo - Nazi terrorist movement and the birth of the 'White Jihad' ideology that influences them.

"There is nobody else who could or should tell this extraordinary story. With considerable wit and aplomb, Matthew Collins exposes the sheer madness and hatred of National Action's obsession with death and violence." Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror
"A startling insight into the Nazi death cult that was National Action." Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

"Told in captivating, granular detail, Collins brilliantly draws the moronic, hate-filled figures who wanted to derail democracy. Anyone keen to understand the drivers of the modern far right should get this. A riveting, rollicking read." Mark Townsend, The Observer

"An MP and a cop are still alive because of HOPE not hate. This extraordinary book tells how they infiltrated National Action and stopped the murder of an MP. It>s an astonishing and disturbing read that explores and exposes the wanton sickness of the new breed of Britain's neo-Nazi terrorists." Steve Moore, Sunday World

"Nazi Terrorist is a work of painstaking patience, nerves and bravery. Society owes Matthew Collins and Robbie Mullen a huge debt of gratitude. Without them National Action would have enacted its unthinkable sickness on innocent members of society." John Ward, Daily Star on Sunday

"Once more Collins delivers a timely warning that fascists and Nazis will stop at nothing. Be grateful that he and Nick Lowles met Robbie Mullen when they did." Brian Whelan,
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