I Ching and Wealth (Paperback)

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The I Ching is thought to be the most abstruse classic in Chinese history. As an authoritative principle for literary and arts, cartography, medicine, politics, culture, and many of the sciences, the ancient text has spawned countless interpretations, commentaries, and competing schools of thought within those traditions.In our daily life, many things happened seem to be lucky, but in fact, there are traces to be found behind. The I Ching contains 64 hexagrams, each hexagram is a kind of life script, and the result of each of your choices is already done for you. These 64 hexagrams correspond to 64 personal decision-making mental methods and clarify the basic development laws of education, workplace, marriage, and family, etc.The I Ching elaborates a clear philosophy of life regarding wealth that you need to think through in-depth, to test, and use regularly and explicitly for guiding your actions. It tells us IT'S NEVER HARD WORK THAT DETERMINES A PERSON'S WEALTH, one must follow the rules suggested to make the right choices in order to achieve accomplishments and savor prosperity.This book I Ching and Wealth aims to unveil the hidden clues and underlying logics related to personal career and wealth behind the abstruse philosophy and ancient wisdom illustrated in the I Ching, and accordingly boost your ability to make your own life prosperous while evading potential faults and crises along your life path. This is a great handbook for anyone who wants to understand the I Ching and wealth.
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ISBN: 9798706172930
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 7th, 2021
Pages: 220
Language: English