Physics and Sufi Cosmology: Creation of Universe and Life In the Light of Science and Philosophical Spirituality (The Cosmos and the Self) (Paperback)

Physics and Sufi Cosmology: Creation of Universe and Life In the Light of Science and Philosophical Spirituality (The Cosmos and the Self) By Sardar Irshad Shaheen Cover Image
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The perennial enigma the human mind has been encountering is the meaning of life and its place in the universe. On this subject, science and spirituality remained in discord with each other particularly for the last couple of centuries. The Theory of Relativity followed by quantum mechanics changed the worldview of traditional mindset altogether. The postulates of quantum physics paved the way for growing interest in philosophical spirituality. Theoretical physicist Fritjof Capra's book The Tao of Physics explored parallels between Eastern mysticism and modern science. Toshihiko Izutsu, in his book Sufism and Taoism, found similarities between Taoism and Muslim mysticism or Sufism. The book under review attempts to discover compatibility between Sufism and modern cosmology. It is basically a research book with more than seven hundred (700) citations of authorities of various disciplines, drawing from a vast array of diverse fields, such as physics, philosophy, biology, psychology and spirituality. The book probes into the nature and value of existence which ultimately leads to the direction of interconnection of the universe and human psyche; unity and integration of all things, and ultimately the unity of the whole universe and the whole person. These views are not placed on the shaky foundations of faith but they are based on philosophical logic and scientific facts--regarding importance of man as an observer in the universe, despite appearing insignificant on a point-like planet in the stunning vastness of empty space, and magnificent integration and harmony of the human psyche with the cosmos.These aspects of the book are unique in the sense that they amazingly reveal commonalities between physical and spiritual concepts and explain the phenomenon of existence as a compact whole in a coherent and logical sequence, with a glimpse of futuristic existence. This book may be of particular interest to the academia, research scholars, and students who may find the contents of the book unique and even startling.The author of the book is a research scholar from Pakistan who has been dedicated to exploring the reality of the physical world and human life. He has accentuated quite subtle and intricate issues in his book. His contribution to the relevant subject appears to have originality and, at times, remarkable distinction. The author believes that the contents of this book may not be found in any other single book published so far.

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