Dream-O-Doodle (Paperback) ~ Autographed by Ursula Taylor

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Come on an adventure into the world of dreams, where wonder and fantasy make bedtime fun Dream-O-Doodle is a cheerful account of imaginative possibilities that make going to sleep exciting 
Within these pages, "the impossible can happen for sure." Children are invited to become explorers, heroes, princesses, astronauts, and more, while encountering magical creatures, dinosaurs, robots, and a variety of other characters, before finally returning to the familiar faces of their loved ones. Your child is sure to be drawn to Dream-O-Doodle's wide variety of appealing subjects and enthralling images. 
Ursula's joyful rhyming verses provide the perfect singsong rhythm for a bedtime book that will beckon young children toward rest. Exciting yet comforting, Dream-O-Doodle creates a nighttime atmosphere that holds children's interest while setting the perfect mood to ease the transition to sleep....

Ages 5+

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