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Jan 26th, 2021 - You can preorder all things Amanda Gorman

Redefining splashy debut, poet Amanda Gorman's first two books had been announced (with September 21 publication dates) even before she read at the inauguration. Soon after, her publisher announced a standalone book of "The Hill We Climb" that will arrive April 27. Click on the covers for more information and to preorder.

hill change sings gorman 


Dec 29th, 2020 - Happy New Year!

Turn the page: How to mark the new year in books 

Jokes about seeing the past year clearly ("soon hindsight really will be 2020") are going to expire. As 2021 looms, there's an every-couple-of-centuries opportunity to inscribe the books you give as gifts with a funny reminder of when they were given. Grab a highlighter, turn to pages 20 and 21, and write a greeting. (If we're correct, the previous time one could do this was 1819 and the next time will be 2223.) So seize the day.

From all of us at Hicklebee's, and with heartfelt gratitude for your support during the past year, we wish you a happy 2021. 

Dec 15th, 2020 - IF ONLY IT WERE LIKE THIS

There is no mighty wind helping us deliver. We deeply appreciate your orders, and we are sorry to have to tell you that slowdowns from publishers, distributors, and delivery services are causing delays.* It's impossible for us to promise by-Christmas delivery on orders placed now--or even on some orders placed before now. (We are working as fast as we can, but our mantra during these supply-chain challenges has become "January is the new December.")

We will call or email (or both) to let you know when your order is ready for pickup. We apologize for the delays--and thank you for your patience.

While some things simply aren't available (especially books that are between re-printings), our store is still full of carefully chosen books, toys, and other gift items for all ages. We are happy to help you whether you come shop inside, window-shop from outside the store, call during business hours, or order online for curbside pickup. 


Dec 1st, 2020 - A Tall Tale for Hanukkah


Arthur Levine's name is one of the biggest in children's literature (he brought Harry Potter to America, and more), so it makes a sort of sense that one of his newest creations is a legend about a guy who fits the seven-league boots paradigm. Nate Gadol gets his name from the two letters on the dreidel that reference "great miracle," and his fashion sense from illustrator Kevin Hawkes and the Revolutionary War era of shiny buttons.


Making his debut in The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol, Nate's superpower is his ability to make things last as long as they're needed: an oil supply that shouldn't last eight nights, of course; but also "making butter stretch for an important cake or keeping a dam strong in a storm."


Levine, who grew up a Jewish youngster in an era that created all sorts of pop-culture Christmas characters (Frosty, Rudolph, the Grinch, and so on), set out to create an origin story for why presents are given at Hanukkah--and he is totally pro-presents. The result is a book in which Nate and Santa collaborate to make sure some gifts in 1881 stretch to include not only the O'Malley family on Santa's list but also some new arrivals: the Glasers.


Nov 1, 2020 - ANNOUNCING HICKLEBEE'S BOOKS OF THE YEAR (and this time, there will be two)  

Each publishing season, our staff reads widely and passes around our favorites--and then we vote. It's an exercise to pick one title that stands out as one we'd love to press into customers' hands.  

That didn't happen last spring--when things got crazy. And, we'll admit, it didn't quite happen the same way this fall--when things were still crazy. But we're determined that 2020 shouldn't go without new entries into the hall of fame that is our Book of the Year tradition.

So we are proud to announce that we'll have two new winners--one the novel that we are recommending today, and one an illustrated book that we'll tell you about next week.

We Are Not Free, by Traci Chee, is an immersive, heart-breaking chronicle, told in 14 voices, of the incarceration of Japanese-Americans after the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Uprooted from their lives in San Francisco, the teens try to stay bonded amid the flood of conflicting emotions that accompany their relocation and loss of freedom. While the internment has been the focus of other books for young readers and has long been recognized as a shameful fact of American history, We Are Not Free still startles.