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Ta-Da! Cover Image
ISBN: 9781452145136
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Published: Chronicle Books - June 26th, 2018


"The only thing better than reading about this full day of play is having one in real life."

What makes a good story? One little girl thinks it's a princess with magic powers that can (ta-da!) overcome any obstacle. Her friend thinks it's (dun dun duh!) a host of dragons, pirates, and volcanos that cause total chaos. But as each of their stories intertwine and interact, these two young storytellers soon learn that a good story needs both destruction and triumph, conflict and resolution. Ta-Da! is an irresistible celebration of imagination, storytelling, and the joys of collaboration.


Kathy Ellen Davis is a writer, bookseller, and educator who grew up making stories with her toys. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is her first book.

The Echo Room Cover Image
ISBN: 9780765399397
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Tor Teen - September 11th, 2018

Parker Peevyhouse's The Echo Room is a smart, claustrophobic, speculative young adult thriller with an immersive psychological mystery.

The only thing worse than being locked in is facing what you locked out.

Rett Ward knows how to hide. He's had six years of practice at Walling Home, the state-run boarding school where he learned how to keep his head down to survive.

But when Rett wakes up locked in a small depot with no memory of how he got there, he can't hide. Not from the stranger in the next room. Or from the fact that there's someone else’s blood on his jumpsuit.

Worse, every time he tries to escape, he wakes up right back where he started. Same day, same stranger, same bloodstained jumpsuit.

As memories start to surface, Rett realizes that the logo on the walls is familiar, the stranger isn't a stranger, and the blood on his jumpsuit belongs to someone—or something—banging on the door to get in.


Parker Peevyhouse is likely trying to solve a puzzle at this very moment, probably while enjoying In-N-Out fries, admiring redwood trees, and quoting movies about sentient robots. Parker's critically acclaimed collection of novellas for young adults, Where Futures End, was named a best book for teens by the New York Public Library, Chicago Public Library, and Bank Street. The Horn Book called it “a smart science-fiction puzzle.” Parker lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works at Hicklebee’s Children’s Bookstore.

Clemmy Cover Image
By Susan H. Anawalt, Amanda Jones (Illustrator), Marco a. Marquez (Designed by)
ISBN: 9781611636758
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Zenz Enterprise - November 11th, 2014


What happens when a stuffed toy lemur who, apparently, can see, hear, and feel all the stirring of being alive, meets a little girl who is excluded by her older sisters as the “baby” of the family? This is a story of a friendship, a friendship nobody understands.

After all, Clemmy’s simply a stuffed lemur, isn’t she? It’s only that the little girl, Gwynnie, senses there is more to Clemmy. To Gwynnie Clemmy is real. Is Gwynnie right? Is Clemmy truly real?What will happen if the two are separated? Will they be best friends “for ever”? 

This gentle story will certainly appeal to all early readers and even adults who understand what it is to have or had your own special stuffed animal or toy. 


Susan loves writing and photography. The imagination of her grandchildren and the enthusiasm of the kids in her neighborhood all inspire her to want to write stories for children. Currently, Susan is getting a tree house built in her back yard.

Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas Cover Image
ISBN: 9780990794103
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Fred Pinsocket Productions - April 28th, 2015


A spaceman boldly proclaims his love for Earth’s appealing yellow fruit in this board-book debut by singer/songwriter Apel.

Fred Pinsocket flies a rocket around the universe, plays keytar and drums, and has a passion for bananas. The rhymes here are the lyrics to Apel’s song of the same title, which he offers as a free download with the purchase of the book. The lyrics are silly enough without the music, but with the tune and sound effects, children will be sure to enjoy it; as a result, they’ll likely want to play the music and read the book repeatedly. Fred, with his bulbous nose, enormous eyes, red spacesuit, and blue helmet with a satellite dish on top, is a likable little guy, and creative, early-grade readers who pick up this book may even attempt their own drawings of him.

Very young readers will enjoy the repeated phrases: “I love bananas. I love them. Yum! Yum! Yum!” The rhyme scheme is steady throughout, with the addition of extra phrases that make better sense with the instrumentation. The only challenging words are Fred’s last name and “potassium”—but even if kids don’t know what the latter means, they’re still likely to sing or repeat the word, as it rhymes with “yum.”

The board book’s sturdy pages, with their brightly colored backgrounds, will hold up to the rereadings that 3- to 5-year-olds may require. Adults may not be as excited about repeating the same lyrics again and again, particularly when the sparse word count includes four repetitions of the chorus. Young readers, however, will giggle over and over again, and the images of Fred’s rocket towing a ball of bananas will bring a smile to even the stingiest adult’s face.

Families that enjoy repetitive songs, such as “The Wheels on the Bus,” will be glad to throw this fruit-eating space traveler into their mix.


Peter Apel is singer-songwriter, author, illustrator and dad. He has produced two collections of original songs for children - both endorsed by KID'S FIRST, The Coalition for Quality Children's Media - and in 2015 released "Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas," his first children's picture book.  Originally from New Mexico, Peter can now be found throughout the San Francisco Bay Area performing his catchy, original songs in school programs, libraries, shopping malls and special events.





SKU: 9781631225642


"ABC Count with Me is a must read book for children. The book teaches letter, number, and sight word recognition. The author and illustrator make learning fun and exciting for it's readers. This book is a timeless treasure. I highly recommend it!"

-Dr. Tonja H. Krautter, Psy.D., LCSW -- Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist.

Rising Hope Cover Image
ISBN: 9781620065563
Availability: Not on our shelves now, usually available for pick-up or shipping in 1-10 days
Published: Sunbury Press, Inc. - March 10th, 2015


Looking back, eighteen-year-old Tadzio realized that it all began when his father walked out on him September 8, 1939. That same day, his Scoutmaster challenged Tadzio and his friends to give their all for Poland. At first, thirteen-year-old Tadzio said no. Now, five years later, the Germans still occupied Poland. But at least Tadzio rose to the challenge. And he still had hope. This is how it began.

“Rising Hope is an homage to all Polish teenagers who fought the German evil so bravely during WWII. A must read.”

--- Julian Kulski Author of The Color of Courage, 2014. Kulski, son of the Polish mayor of Warsaw, was ten when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and twelve when he joined Warsaw’s fight against the Germans.

“With a unique set of characters, Sontag’s book transfers readers into the atmosphere and situation in Poland during 1939-1945. It is written with passion for the events and reveals the author’s respect and compassion for the people and the disastrous events that transpired.”

--- Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm Author of Kaia, Heroine of the 1944 Warsaw Rising.


Dr. Marie Sontag taught middle school for over 15 years. She has a BA in Social Science, and an MA and PhD in Education. www.mariesontag.com


Be Responsible Like Max.

By providing examples on how to take personal responsibility for himself, Max is teaching his readers to do the same, in which every parent will appreciate.

SKU: 9780990375227


Get Inspired with Max.

Max shows how he uses his imagination to create his happy world and teaches his readers how they can do anything when they put their mind to it.


Giving Thanks with Max.

Max teaches his readers how they can feel happy every day by giving thanks for everything they have around them.

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The Bronze Dagger Cover Image
ISBN: 9781620063491
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Sunbury Press, Inc. - March 31st, 2014


"Bringing the Past to Life" epitomizes the writing career of Dr. Sontag. Her first historical fiction series, Ancient Elements, begins with The Bronze Dagger. This middle grade fiction novel tells the story of 12-year-old Samsuluna (Sam), a young boy in Mesopotamia during the reign of Hammurabi in 1780 BC. The lies that Sam spins about the stolen jewels and the death of his father threaten to catch up with him. Will he ever learn how to trust his new friends, overcome his quest for revenge, or solve the mystery of the stolen jewels? 


Dr. Sontag captures the Ancient Mesopotamia culture in a captivating tale of a young boy's survival. Armed with his lucky dagger, Sam sets out on an adventure where he encounters numerous challenges and foibles leading him to a lesson in forgiveness. A great read! --
Dr. Donna Lewis, Educator: Assistant Superintendent

A terrific book for kids who like adventure, and for parents who'd love their kids to learn a bit about history. Well-written, a lively main character who struggles with his failures and searches for hope.Here is a hero who is flawed but resourceful, and who can lead readers on an adventure involving bad guys, jewels, new friends, and making choices. A real winner! --Karen Llewellyn., home-schooling mom

The book pulls you into history through well-written narrative. By the end of the tale you come away with not only an interest in the characters and storyline, but more knowledge about the time of the Babylonians. --Rick Crawford, former principal and author of Stink Bomb, and Ricky Robinson Braveheart.


Marie Sontag holds a PhD in Education, an MA in Instructional Technology, and a BA in Social Science. Having taught adults, high school and middle school students for over 15 years, Dr. Sontag knows how to capture and hold her students’ and readers' attention. 

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The Alabaster Jar Cover Image
ISBN: 9781620066218
Availability: Not on our shelves now, usually available for pick-up or shipping in 1-10 days
Published: Sunbury Press, Inc. - September 4th, 2015


 Sam, Amata and Balashi continue their adventures in the ancient world as they travel to Egypt in Book 2 of Ancient Elements. Having found a home with his adoptive family, fourteen-year-old Samsuluna (Sam) moves to Egypt with Balashi and Amata where his quest to solve the mystery of the hidden tomb threatens to tear his family apart.


Readers who have waited for Samsuluna’s next escapade will not be disappointed in The Alabaster Jar. In this fast-paced adventure, Sam, Balashi and Amata witness political plotting, and question the sincerity of their new friends. A newly discovered tomb, the bustling Nile River trade, secret passages and the alabaster jar all await you! -- Mary Pat Vargas, 6th Grade Teacher, CA

A skillfull interweaving of intrigue and deception. Each character has different secrets and issues, but they all become intertwined. A great read for early adolescents! -- Roberta Hendricks, Reading Intervention Specialist, TX

One of the best books I’ve ever read! This book will have you on the edge of your seat no matter how hard your heart is. -- Ian, age 12, TX

The Alabaster Jar is a mesmerizing journey of good versus evil in one of history’s greatest ancient cultures. -- Nick Gervase, Santa Clara Unified School District Superintendent, Retired, CA


Marie Sontag holds a PhD in Education, an MA in Instructional Technology, and a BA in Social Science. Having taught adults, high school and middle school students for over 15 years, Dr. Sontag knows how to capture and hold her students’ and readers' attention. 

Brave and Awake: - A Story of Authentic Becoming Cover Image
ISBN: 9781504334105
Availability: Not on our shelves now, usually available for pick-up or shipping in 1-10 days
Published: Balboa Press - July 10th, 2015


Brave and Awake is one woman's story of truths discovered and lessons learned over a lifetime. The author, a fifteen-year veteran firefighter, offers her unique experiences and truths learned as a twenty-first century woman breaking social and personal barriers on her way to empowerment and freedom.

The author's adventures, ranging from firefighting to dancing, from the ordinary to the mystical, capture the spirit of the modern woman-one who faces her fears, trusts her intuition, thinks for herself, and creates her own happiness.

And while this pocket-sized gem offers helpful tools and insights gained from the author's own personal experiences, Brave and Awake ultimately invites and inspires readers to become their own best expert along the way.


Beverly Molina has written an inspiring treatise on how to live life with courage and conviction, kindness and insight…as if every moment is a miracle. Whether she comes to us as a fearless firefighter, a mother and wife or a woman on a true spiritual path she takes us on a journey through the dark night of the soul and reawakening, and then gives us a blueprint in which to live our life with grit, gratitude and grace. Her honesty is captivating and contagious. You will learn a lot from “Brave and Awake” and you will use it every day to better your life!

Carol Simone, Author of Kiss of the Shaman

In this wonderful life changing book, Beverly shares her awakening experiences and wisdom, and includes inspiring and healing exercises, with the goal of assisting you too, to live a more fulfilling, happier and healthier life. Go for it!

Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, LMFT
Author of All You Need Is HART

SKU: 9780692593400

In "Grandpa Ka and Digger", Grandpa Ka helps a lost Digger find his construction site. On the way, they meet a number of exciting vehicles who guide them to the Digger's construction site and also educate them on what they do. Join Grandpa Ka and Digger on this wild adventure!

The Night Parade Cover Image
By Johnny Depalma, Kyle Brown (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780692535288
Availability: Not on our shelves now, usually available for pick-up or shipping in 1-10 days
Published: Umbrelly Books - September 14th, 2015

A delightful dream legend by children’s book author Depalma (Young Cupid!, 2008, etc.), featuring wonderfully absurd cartoons by debut artist Brown.

Every night, a man travels around the world, walking down the streets but always remaining just out of sight. He leads the Night Parade, which collects nightmares and pleasant dreams alike, which leave their dreamers to fall in line. Sometimes, Brown depicts the dreams as abstract swirls; at others, he depicts solid images that hint at the dream’s contents: a jack out of the box, popping through the roof of a house or a train bursting through the wall of another. The mysterious man sometimes leaves dreams for people to ponder in the morning; even those that dreamers have forgotten may return if something prompts a recollection. Overall, the Night Parade leader doesn’t get rid of the dreams he harvests; instead, he protects the good ones from the bad. Why go to all the effort? “So we long for something more. / It’s something we’ve forgotten, / something missing in our core,” Depalma explains. The book’s implication is that lost dreams drive people to accomplish great things, to travel the world, to strive toward their goals. Young readers may not find that idea as poignant as their parents do, but they’ll still likely fall into the wonderfully textured rhythm of the words as they settle in for the night: “Past the walls, beyond the gate, / and above each flower’s bloom, / they melt into the line-up / of his falling footstep tune.” Although the leader of the Night Parade is quite unassuming in the illustrations, the dreams that follow him will make wonderful starting points for readers to begin their own tales as they explore the many different types of dreams.

A perfect choice for bedtime reading, featuring a muted color palette and soothing rhyme.

SKU: 9780578168913

NALA the Little Elephant Coloring Book, by Marian Hailey-Moss is a terrific gift for kids and the whole family. It’s an interactive fun way to learn about elephant’s lives and a gentle loving reminder of the challenges elephants are facing. 

“The book is absolutely charming!”  Emily Kingsley, writer for Sesame Street​


Marian Hailey-Moss is a former Broadway actress, and presently a semi-retired psychotherapist. She became aware of the need for animal rights after following the meditation method of Master Ching Hai who requires a vegan diet. The ten children's books she has authored are about people's relationship with animals. She lives in New York City.


Rupert's Big Move Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692282267
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Louree Publishing - April 27th, 2016


Rupert is a little green frog who happened to live in a very small, adorable pond.

He knew it was the BEST pond because he had lived there his entire life. Rupert had many friends in the little pond and he was very happy.

Until the day he had to face the scariest thing of all... CHANGE!

Find out how Rupert took a giant leap of faith and jumped into action, to successfully deal with change! Not only that, but he gained confidence in his decision-making! And learned several other valuable life lessons, too, on his journey.

Rupert’s Big Move is dedicated to all the children of the world, ages 3-103, who are faced with big changes in their lives.


When writing her children’s stories, Tremain describes her creative process as getting the puzzle pieces in her head out and onto paper. “Rupert’s Big Move” is the first book in the Rupert the Little Green Frog series; he has many more adventures to share with his readers.

Tremain lives in Northern California with her husband, three children, and lots of fur babies to keep life fun and exciting. There is never a dull moment in the Tremain family home!