Game Card

The Hicklebee's Game Card, our version of a frequent-buyer card, provides a discount on a single purchase whenever you're in the store. But it also includes a chance to play on four Balloon Days during the year. On Balloon Day--the first Saturday of every month--you can shop the store and then select a slip that will reveal a surprise discount on your entire purchase. The discounts range from 15 to 75 percent. Purchase your Game Card, for only $12.50, here or at the store.

What is it?  Purchase a Game Card and add discounts, a touch of play, suspense, and incredible bargains to your Hicklebee's shopping experience throughout the year. On top of these deals, our Game Card includes four Balloon Days.

What's Balloon day?  On the first Saturday of every month, you can shop the store then select a slip from the balloon basket. Your slip will reveal your surprise discount, from 15 - 75% off!

Where can I get my own Game Card?  You may purchase a Hicklebee's Game Card through our website (below) or in store.

Each Game Card is valid for one year from date of purchase.


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