Hicklebee’s Summer Reading Adventure  June 21-July 30


READ-O is Hicklebee’s version of Book Bingo--because summer reading is even more fun when you add a game. Young readers  from 5 to 12 years old can play.  


This is how it works: 

• Participants pick up their READ-O card at Hicklebee’s beginning Tuesday, June 21.

• Participants will receive a 10% discount on books purchased for READ-O.

 • Each square on the READ-O card will include a reading activity.  When a square is completed, participants can come into Hicklebee’s to receive a googly eye  to cover that square. 

• Once players have covered any line (across, down, diagonally) they will receive a bonus prize.

•  Kids who complete all squares will participate in a drawing for a $50 Hicklebee’s gift certificate. 

Squares include both activities that take place at Hicklebee’s and those that can be accomplished at home, on vacation, at a library, or most any place. 

Registration fee: $10. Register here or at the store! 

* We want to heighten the suspense: The activities on actual READ-O cards will differ from those represented on this sample card.